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Prepare for GRE by Learning from the Best

GRE or the Graduate Record Examination is a mandatory exam for all the candidates aspiring to study outside India for their Master’s or PhD. The GRE will assess your aptitude in broadly two areas- English (VR+ WA) and Mathematics (QR). The assessment of English is done on two continuums. The first being Verbal Reasoning (VR) which will test your English vocabulary along with knowledge related to grammatical syntax. The second continuum is the Writing Analysis (WA) which will assess your command over the English Language through lengthy essays and descriptive answers.

It is very important to score well in the GRE to avail maximum scholarship amount and study in your dream University. You can apply to at least 5 universities in one go with your GRE result. If you have a high grade, you can make it to your top 5 and then you can choose where you want to enrol for future studies. To achieve good grades, it is advisable to opt for GRE classroom training program provided by various institutes from where you can learn from the best faculty and put your best foot forward for the main exam.

The admissions for the courses abroad occur twice a year- spring and autumn. Make sure you have 3-4 months to prepare well for GRE before you appear for the final one. If you are deciding to take a break year then opt for in-depth 9 months courses where your focus should only be on the GRE.

What is the advantage of these classroom programmes?

  1. The first advantage of the classroom programme GRE is that you can decide what type of course you want. The institute provides fast-track courses of 1 month or 2 months at the maximum and also lengthy courses of 6 months to 9 months. Accordingly to your availability and present work schedule, you can choose a suitable course.
  2. These institutes will provide you with all the necessary books and course materials which you will require to prepare for the GRE. You do not need to spend anything extra on buying textbooks or other online study materials.
  3. The entire syllabus of GRE will be divided into short-term goals by the institute itself for the better understanding of the students. Make sure you are regular in class to understand each chapter in depth.
  4. There will be two faculty members who will assist you through your GRE course. One of them will help you to ace the VR section while the other will help you to score maximum in the Quant section.
  5. You will be attending class with fellow aspirants, where you can indulge in workshops and seminars for healthy discussions and increment of your knowledge base.
  6. Regular assessments and mock tests will be organised by the institute which will give you an idea about the original GRE exam.
  7. You will learn to handle the online tools like the screen calculator and also learn to perform your best under pressure.
  8. In case you lag behind, extra classes will be organised for you.

These GRE classes are an absolute boon to any aspirant who is passionate to settle abroad.



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