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@UNLVrunwithus: Cultivating Runner’s Unity and Enthusiasm

Embark on a journey with @UNLVrunwithus, a vibrant social media community for runners from all skill levels proudly associated with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Initiated in 2010 by a spirited ensemble of UNLV students and alums, this community thrives on providing a nurturing and inclusive haven for runners to bond and enhance their training.

Active across numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and possessing a comprehensive website, UNLVrunwithus ensures that members are always up-to-date with the latest group runs, training materials, and other running-centric events.

UNLVrunwithus shines in its unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusiveness, warmly welcoming runners from all walks of life and varying levels of ability. From tailored group runs catering to various fitness interests and levels to being a platform where novice joggers and experienced marathoners can find their place, UNLVrunwithus extends many offerings.

Why Choose @UNLVrunwithus?

Joining @UNLVrunwithus opens up a world where:

  • Motivation and Support are ever-present, boosting your enthusiasm and keeping your training objectives within reach through a supportive community.
  • Accountability is naturally fostered, with fellow runners helping you remain committed to your workout routines.
  • Safety is paramount, with group runs led by adept runners familiar with the locality, especially crucial in unknown terrains.
  • Knowledge and Expertise about running in all its facets are generously shared among members, from training nuances to racing strategies.
  • Friendship and Fun interweave with the joy of running in a community that embraces each runner with warmth and camaraderie.

Your Pathway to Join UNLVrunwithus

Becoming a part of UNLVrunwithus is straightforward and complimentary. Visit their website or engage with them on social media to create your account. Once onboard, dive into group runs, forum discussions, and network with fellow runners.

Tips to Enhance Your UNLVrunwithus Experience

  • Engage Actively: Attend group runs, participate in events, and voice your thoughts on forums.
  • Be a Pillar of Support: Uplift others by being their cheering squad and share their triumphs.
  • Leverage Available Resources: Use training advice, race day strategies, and other insightful information.
  • Relish the Run: Keep the joy in running alive, making every stride with UNLVrunwithus enjoyable.

UNLVrunwithus: Where Every Step Forward Counts

UNLVrunwithus transcends being a mere running group – it is a cradle of growth and a proponent of inclusivity. With open arms for every runner, irrespective of their experience or background, it is a space where encouragement fuels success.

What elevates UNLVrunwithus is its robust stance on diversity and inclusiveness and its pivotal role in fostering personal growth. With a belief in running as a potent tool for personal evolution, it provides an environment where runners are challenged and nudged toward realizing their full potential.

It is achieved through varied training programs, resource provision, and an unwavering stream of encouragement and Support.

Moreover, UNLVrunwithus intertwines its passion for running with a commitment to giving back to the community, organizing fundraisers, and volunteering at local races and events.

Achieve Your Running Aspirations with UNLVrunwithus

Whether you’re starting your running journey or are a marathon veteran, UNLVrunwithus is here to facilitate you in achieving your goals by offering:

  • Customized Training Plans: Tailor-made to suit your needs and physical condition, developed by experienced coaches.
  • Group Runs A regular feature, providing a structured yet social way to keep up with your running routine.
  • Races and Events: Engage and participate in numerous local running events with the community’s Support.
  • A Nurturing Community: Be part of a space where each member is committed to mutual growth and achievement.


UNLVrunwithus stands out as a commendable community, not just for running but for motivation, Support, accountability, learning, and building friendships. If running is your passion and you seek connections with like-minded individuals while enhancing your skills, UNLVrunwithus warmly invites you to join the run.



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